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Year 4

Spellings for Friday 26th April:

Group 1:

  1. again
  2. great
  3. many
  4. improve
  5. people
  6. should
  7. Would
  8. continue
  9. decide
  10. describe


Group 2 and 3:

  1. probably
  2. promise
  3. purpose
  4. quarter
  5.  question
  6. recent
  7. regular
  8. reign
  9. remember
  10. sentence

Making Electrical Circuits...

Hope everyone had a lovely half term break. Hope everyone is feeling refreshed and ready for another exciting half term.


Buckle up and put your sunglasses on – this half term we’re going on a road trip across the USA! We’ll start by ‘visiting’ the states where Native American tribes settled. We’ll use travel brochures and the internet to research New York and write postcards to family members. Using maps, we’ll locate the USA and find the names of the states. We’ll look at the amazing lights of Times Square, make circuits and create a program for a tourist trip around New York.

The story, The Indian in the Cupboard, will inspire us to write diaries. We’ll explore Native American myths and write our own. After learning about their cultural significance, we’ll weave beautiful dreamcatchers.

Looking at aerial views of natural landmarks, we’ll think about how they might have been formed. At the end of the project, we’ll make a ‘journey stick’ so we can remember where we have visited. We’ll use this to explain our learning journey.


The class routines for this half term are as follows:


Tuesday - PE

Wednesday - Library book change day

Thursday - PE

Friday - Spelling and times tables tests


Remember you can change your reading book when required. Please try and sign purple diaries when you have read at home.


Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions.



We made chocolate hearts- in our changing states lesson

And both bombs

And both bombs 1

Happy New Year! We hope you all had a lovely Christmas. The children have all said what a wonderful time they have had. They have been excited to tell us about all the lovely things that they have got up to over the holidays.

We have a new topic this half term- Potions


Poisonous potions, aromatic brews, vapour or a sticky goo… Welcome to the amazing world of potions! By reading an extract from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, we’ll learn all about mysterious potions, and write a safety label for Alice’s bottle. We’ll sort everyday items into solids, liquids and gases. Using our investigation skills we’ll explore capacity and the properties of liquids. We’ll also design fabulous bottles for magical potions. Becoming super scientists, we’ll investigate chemical reactions and states of matter. We’ll research the use of anaesthetic and learn what life was like without it! The play, Romeo and Juliet will inspire us to write scripts, and we’ll think of an alternative ending for this tragic tale. We’ll write spells with magical, strange or gruesome effects – what ingredients will we use?

Father David came in to help us make christingles.

We have carried out experiments to show how different mountains are formed.

How many can you remember?

Our Mighty Mountains

We have enjoyed modelling our own mighty mountains today.

We hope you all had a restful half term and are all ready for another fun filled half term. As we leave 1066 behind us we aim higher with our next topic looking at mountains of the world.

We will be send compulsory maths or English homework home on a weekly basis, this will be sent out on a Thursday and returned the following Thursday.

Please find enclosed the pick and mix grid for this half term, full of creative activities for your child to complete and share in class.

Mighty Mountains

Mighty mountains rise above the morning mists, imposing and eternal.


During this half term, we’re going up in the world, we'll be looking at Rivington,and other hill, upland areas and moors, noticing how the weather changes. We’ll use a range of maps, information books and websites to research these areas. We’ll find out where the highest mountains are, learn how to use a compass and make 3-D mountain models. Inspired by the magnificent mountains of the world, we’ll complete graphs showing heights, look at webcam and satellite images and create wonderful weavings. Using our literacy skills, we’ll write mountain-shaped poems and compose songs about the water cycle. We’ll also examine how mountains are displayed on a map, and build a water cycle to look at changing states of matter.

At the end of the project, we’ll write stories about the Yeti. Finally, we’ll think about our personal ‘mountains’. What are our goals and how will we achieve them?

Year 4

Welcome back, I hope you have all had a lovely summer and that the children are refreshed and ready for year 4.

It's been lovely to see the children settle in so quickly, getting to grips with the new routines.


Monday: PE

Tuesday: Library book change 

Thursday: PE

Friday: Spelling and times table tests


Compulsory English or Maths homework will be sent out weekly this needs to be completed and handed in on Thursday.

Alongside this we are sending out 'pick and mix' homework, a copy of the grid can be found below. Children will be able to earn extra housepoints for completing activities these are based on our creative curriculum topic, which is 1066 this half term. This is non compulsory and can be done at any time during the half term.


If you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact us.


Mrs Halsall and Mrs Farnworth