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Today we have been looking at Odd and even numbers. We used the Numicon staircase to identify the shapes and whether they were part of a 2 or one left over. We also used pairs of socks to help us and putting cubes in groups of 2 to decide whether their was one left over or not.

Over the past couple of weeks we have been recapping and embedding our number bonds to 10. We have been using a range of equipment to help us to carry out different tasks and we have been choosing which equipment we would prefer to use to calculate different equations. We have used Numicon, part, part, whole, tens frames and number lines.

1.4.21 - LO: I can find the missing number.

Today we carried out a number bond hunt working in pairs or threes. We matched the number bond calculation to the missing number calculation. We used our position and direction knowledge to help us find each calculation. It was so much fun!

WB 6.12.20 - This week we have been learning about time - ordering when we might do something using time vocabulary, days of the week, months of the year and understanding the feeling of time and what you can do in that time. Here is a video of us saying/singing our months of the year song.


Still image for this video

We have been working very hard learning to take away. We are now becoming confident in this! 

20.11.20 - we carried out and discussed a problem solving activity after working on our fluency. Look at the images for some of the children's understanding of the question.


The question was: 

How many ways cab you get an answer of 0?


___ - ___ = 0


What is the rule? 

17.11.20 - LO: I can subtract from 10.


Today we have used a stick of 10 to subtract a given number. We have learn't the golden rule - the number at the start of the calculation must be the bigger number otherwise you cannot do it. Take a look at the photos below to see our amazing skills :) There is hopefully a video to follow!

Photos of taking away from 10 along with misconception and challenge

21.10.20 - Today we have been recognising, naming and creating 2D shapes. We have used the pin boards and elastic bands to create different shapes. We have discussed that you can't make a true circle as the pegs make straight sides. We have also compared the properties of a rectangle and square.

7.10.20 - measuring.


Today we have been measuring using non-standard units - our hands, finger prints and feet. We worked outside so we could move around more and had so much fun :) 

6.10.20 - Weighing


Today we postponed our outdoor measuring activity for weighing using balance scales. The children have learn't that if the scale drops the heavier item is in the pot. They know that if the pot comes up the lighter item is in the pot.

5.10.20 - Measure


Today with have been comparing and ordering heights. We compared our height, hand size (without touching) and shoe size with our partner. We used mathematical language to do this - I am taller / bigger / shorter / smaller than you...

25.9.20 - Part, Part, Whole.


Today we have been recalling our number bonds to 10 using the method of 'Part, Part, Whole'. We have used cubes to show this to build up our fluency skills.


3 + 7 = 10

3 part

7 part

10 whole

21.9.20 - Place Value Number Museum.


We have worked very hard to show the value of a number using a variety of equipment we have been learning to use over the past couple of weeks. I am so proud of all you. 1, 2, 3 well do me!!

10.9.20 - Carry on Counting

Still image for this video
Today we have been counting on from a given number with our partner. We have also looked for numbers on a 100 square and counted on.
9.9.20 - Today in Magic Maths we have been exploring different equipment. We have used the equipment to show a value.