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RE and Worship

4.12.20 - "The Best Day Ever!!" said the children. 


One of God's wonderous creations happened today and we loved it! We talked about how special it was. The pure joy and happiness could be seen in all of us. 

27.12.20 - Our outdoor worship


God and Creation. Today we looked at more wonders of God. We looked at the creation she mede. We talked about natural things and man made things. We then went on a hunt outside for amazing things. We looked at our objects and studied their parts and how fascinating they were. Such as a leaf - patterns, colours and why they change colour depending on the season, what keeps them alive.... Wow just a leaf, how amazing and clever it is. 

We then carried out a worship in the outdoor classroom. We read the story of creation, listened to 'All things bright and beautiful' and said a prayer thanking God for what he has given us and asking him to help us look after it. 

20.11.20 - LO: I can talk about ways we can look after God's creation.

13.10.20 - Today we went to church. It was our first time this year as a whole class. We discussed giving out time to others as God has given us the time to spend wisely. We came up with a few ideas as to how we could gove someone our time:

We could go somewhere with our friends.

We could play with someone we don't usually play with.

We could help someone who is hurt.


Thank you Father David for a lovely worship. 

9.10.20 - Sukkot


Today we have learned about the Jewish Festival of Sukkot. We have had a little celebration in our own Sukka. This is a tent but the roof must be made from things from the ground. We decided the willow tunnel would be a good place to celebrate. We discussed different symbols of Sukkot - Citron (Etrog) this is the heart and we are thankful to God for the harvest and a place to live, Palm (Lulav) this refers to the backbone - God being our backbone. Myrtle (Hadassim) this links to our eyes and the enlightenment of God and finally Willow (Aravot) this represents our lips and the service of prayer.

25.9.20 - Today we have been thankful to God for our Harvest. We have tasted a variety of foods from around the world which has also helped us to understand where our foods come from, how they are grown and that we are thankful for them.