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RE and Worship

20.11.20 - LO: I can talk about ways we can look after God's creation.

13.10.20 - Today we went to church. It was our first time this year as a whole class. We discussed giving out time to others as God has given us the time to spend wisely. We came up with a few ideas as to how we could gove someone our time:

We could go somewhere with our friends.

We could play with someone we don't usually play with.

We could help someone who is hurt.


Thank you Father David for a lovely worship. 

9.10.20 - Sukkot


Today we have learned about the Jewish Festival of Sukkot. We have had a little celebration in our own Sukka. This is a tent but the roof must be made from things from the ground. We decided the willow tunnel would be a good place to celebrate. We discussed different symbols of Sukkot - Citron (Etrog) this is the heart and we are thankful to God for the harvest and a place to live, Palm (Lulav) this refers to the backbone - God being our backbone. Myrtle (Hadassim) this links to our eyes and the enlightenment of God and finally Willow (Aravot) this represents our lips and the service of prayer.

25.9.20 - Today we have been thankful to God for our Harvest. We have tasted a variety of foods from around the world which has also helped us to understand where our foods come from, how they are grown and that we are thankful for them.