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Wider Curriculum

Adding metallic colours to Celtic and Roman coins 27.11.20

Roman legions creating a tortoise and wedge formation 20.11.20

Anti- Bullying - We are all unique (Odd Socks) 16.11.20

Creating Clay Coins in the style of Roman and Celtic coins 16.11.20

Finding out about electrical safety - Science 13.11.20

Children in Need - Pudsey Zoom 11.11.20

Orienteering in PE (picture treasure hunt) 11.11.20

Making Roman Scuta (Shields)

I Am Warrior Timelines

P.E. 9.10.20 - We trusted one another and used communication to lead one another around a course.

17.9 We used editing software to edit a digital image of our teeth (some frightening images created!)

14.9 Using disclosure tablets to understand how to clean our teeth more efficiently.