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Today we took part in a 'Trikidz' session. We were split into 3 groups. We rotated between on-land swimming, cycling and running. We had lots of fun. Take a look at us enjoying ourselves.

28.4.21 - Art

Today we have explored line, texture, shape and colour using different London landmarks. We looked at two different artists - Diana Van and Andre Derain. We discussed what technique the artist used to achieve a colourful, vibrant painting. We thought about the importance of shape when sketching a recognisable landmark. 

28.4.21 - Topic

Today a very important letter arrived from 'The Lady in Waiting.' The letter was addressed to Year 1 sent with a first class stamp. She thanked the children for letting her join their tea party, enjoyed answering their questions and thinks they are all very special little girls and boys. Magic!

22.4.21 - PSHE

Our new topic is 'Being my Best'. During this topic we will be looking at keeping our bodies and minds healthy.

This week we have discussed the 5 main food groups - protein, carbohydrate, dairy, fruit / vegetables and sugar/ fats. We discussed which we should eat more of and which we should eat less of.  We have created a healthy rainbow of fruits and vegetables which keep us feeling our best. We also made healthy hands, these remind us to eat a balanced diet from each food group.

22.4.21 - Science - Bean planting

After planting our bean in the bag, we have observed the changes over time and evaluated what happened to the beans. We discussed the parts of the bean plant that we could now see, what helped the bean to grow and why some of the beans didn't grow very well. We have re-potted our plants in the hope that they will grow some beans.

22.4.21 - Fun on the field...

Today we have had our first day (hopefully of many) playing on the school field. We had lots of fun playing games building our friendships further.


Today the children celebrated the start of their new topic 'Bright Lights, Big City'. They received a special invitation from the Queens Lady in Waiting asking the class to join her for afternoon tea.


The children planned the party and had the opportunity to ask questions to find out about the Queen. It was a very enjoyable afternoon.

Bright Lights, Big Cities

16.4.21 - PE with Chorley Sports Partnership.

This half term we have Chorley Sports Partnership teaching us each week for 1 PE lesson. We are learning athletic skills - we have been carrying out running races and learning different ways of moving which can be carried out as races - jumping, skipping and hopping. 

Today we made our Easter cards. We used chalk to create the image of a cross. We used bright colours to show Jesus as the light of our world. 
We have each planted a bean to watch it grow. We have planted them in clear bags with a wet paper towel to see how well they grow. We are looking at what they need to grow. Once the beans have started to show their roots and sprit we will pot them and take them home. 

Planting a bean

PSHE - daily dance

Each day we have been carrying out 'Just Dance' sessions as little breaks for the children to keep them focused on the task in hand. We will continue to do this as we find it lots of fun!

Just Dance

British Science Week - 8th March - 12th March 2021


Over the past week we have been exploring the Question - Where is the best place for a solar panel? We have got involved in the NFUeducation Farmvention challenge.

We have discussed and learned about different types of renewable energy, seasons and weather types and how these impact solar panels. We carried out an investigation using light meters to measure the best place for solar panels in our school grounds. We discovered the infant playground had a good amount of sunlight, near the church did not as it was shaded by trees and the church but the junior playground was the best place to put solar panels, showing the best light meter reading of the day! We enjoyed learning about renewable energy.



British Science Week 2021

PE - Our final K for our 12K's of Christmas!

PSHE - 17.12.20 - Treat Afternoon

Our class target was 4 smart things, we were set a challenge of 50 jewels in the jar and we reached it! 

10.12.20 - PE - Space Dance!


We have had a brilliant day dressing up in space theme! We have performed our dance - 'Zoom to the Moon'. The children were amazing and had so much fun! Take a look at the video on either Dojo or click the link to YouTube. 

Alien Dance Day!

1.12.20 - 12K's of Christmas - PE, Health and Wellbeing

19.11.20 - PSHE - Anti-Bullying

Anti-Bullying Week


We had lots of fun wearing our odd socks :) We talked about everyone of us being different and UNIQUE, that we all have different likes and dislikes and things we are good at or things we need to improve on but we are all EQUAL.


We created a class jigsaw to show how we are a TEAM and all UNITED as one but also to say what part we are play uniting against bullying. 

19.11.20 - PE - Zoom to the Moon


I am currently working tirelessly to get a video on here for you however it won't upload. I promise it is coming! 

Remembrance Service

PHSE - Children In Need Assembly

Just Dance

Still image for this video
On a Friday we like to have a celebration dance / wake and shake after celebration worship. Take a look at the video :)

16.10.20 - PSHE

We watched a clip from 'Monsters University' - Toxicity Challenge, where by the characters didn't speak to each other nicely nor did they work together. We discussed this and then worked in teams carrying out different relay races. We had lots of fun! 


What fun the children had today learning all about the emergency services and how and when we should call them. The children acted out  scenarios asking for different services for help.

The Evil Peas did not want to be missed out and caused disruption as usual. The children knew just what to do.

Evil Peas



We have been very creative this week drawing and making clay models of the super hero Batman. The children drew some excellent pictures of Batman in their Art sketch books making us very proud. 

Clay Batman models


Today we used the Ipads to take photographs of each other in different super hero  poses. We had to find the camera app and focus the camera correctly.


Today we started our new topic 'Superheroes'. What fun we had searching the school grounds for the Evil Pea. We helped to save the vegetables from his evil tricks. 

11.9.20 - This afternoon we have been working on building our friendships,  working as a team and sharing. It has been so much fun :)