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Year 1 2021-2022

Welcome to our Year 1 page! 

Please note :


Monday- reading book change day


Thursday- PE day and reading book change day


Friday- PE day and weekly spelling test.


Our topic for the autumn half term is Childhood. This topic will teach the children about everyday life and families today, including comparisons with childhood in the 1950s, using artefacts and a range of different sources. More specific information can be found in the Knowledge Organisers which have been sent home. Our Pick and Mix homework activities will enhance and embed the learning the children are doing in school. We look forward to displaying the children's completed tasks in our homework gallery. 


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via ClassDojo.


Thank you for your support.


Mrs Chidgey, Miss Smith and Mrs Matnarudin


The children enjoyed sharing their 'poems in their pockets' with the rest of the class as a celebration of National Poetry Day. They did a great job speaking in front of an audience and enjoyed hearing everyone's poems through the day. Mr Findlow even popped by to share his favourite poem with us. 


In preparation for National Poetry Day, we wrote a poem to enter an inter school poetry competition on the theme of 'what makes me cheerful.' To link our poetry work with our art lesson we mixed together the primary colours to create cheerful and warm secondary colours to create a pretty border around our work.


We were exploring the concept of 1 less in maths this week and the children enjoyed the challenge of finding 1 less cubes that the number given and seeing how many different shapes they could make with that number of cubes. 


In our science lesson this week the children enjoyed investigating the magnetic proerties of materials by trying to rescue the little people trapped inside the plastic cups. They had to slide magnets along the side of the cup to see if they could lift out the people inside each one. 


We were exploring the concept of 1 more today in maths. To help us we were using the Numicon and the bead strings. The bead strings helped us to find out what our new number would be if we added 1 more bead on and the Numicon helped us to investigate whether adding on one more would make our number odd or even. The children knew that if it had one left over then the number would be odd. 



Thank you to all the parents who joined me for our KS1 Reading Workshop on Zoom! this evening. For anyone who was unable to attend, I have attached the PowerPoint presentation for you to look through. If you have any questions or queries about any of the information included please feel free to let me know. 


The children are enjoying learning to perform a Hip Hop song called Hey You! in Music lessons. They have been exploring the beat and the tempo of the song and using their bodies to move to the music. 


Thank you so much for supporting our Enterprise for Earth event today after school. The children have enjoyed learning about David Attenborough and the work he has done in his life to raise awareness of issues that threaten the habitats of different types of animals. In this project we focused on the importance of reducing our use of plastic, carrier bags in particular, as so much of it ends up in the sea. It causes our beautiful sea creatures lots of harm and potential danger when it ends up floating in our oceans. We read stories about this issue to highlight the hazards that plastic can cause in the ocean, then we wrote an important message that we wanted to share with others and drew pictures of the dangers we have learned about. We collected in unused carrier bags from home and used them to make beautiful fish decorations and kites that we sold at the end of the day to raise awareness of the plastic pollution in the sea and the harm it can do. Thanks again to everyone who came to support our cause.


We started our Maths lesson today by doing a quick recap and review activity to consolidate our understanding of Numicon and the number system from yesterday's lesson. The children evaluated their own subject knowledge and understanding by showing thumbs up or down. Some of us even got to explain our understanding by being the teacher at the front of the classroom. 

Enjoying reading a story is a great way to celebrate all the hard work that we've done in our lessons. We like voting to choose our main book for the day in class, then we often like to choose to read those books by ourselves if we have a spare moment during the day. Hearing and reading stories makes us smile!


We enjoyed exploring the Numicon equipment today in our Maths lesson. We were exploring the numbers 1-10 and the shapes of each number in Numicon pieces. We were able to order them from the least to the most and talk about which numbers were odd and even. Captain Conjecture challeged the children to explain how they knew numbers were odd or even using the mathematical concept of having one left over. We then used ten frames to explore the idea of odd numbers having one left over even further.



It was our turn to join in a sports session run by Skillwise coaches at lunchtime today. The children enjoyed taking part in the games and activities and showed perserverance when trying to develop their new skills. We will have another turn to join in with Skillwise again next week.


The children have been displaying our Christian Values at playtimes and lunchtimes by playing nicely together and helping each other. It has been lovely to see the children naturally displaying our Christian Values of friendship, forgiveness, respect and compassion as they relax and play games together. 


The children went over to Church for a worship led by Bishop Philip on thankfulness, which is our Christian Value for this half term. The children enjoyed listening to Bishop Philip talk about Jesus and tell the story of the ten lepers from the Bible. They also enjoyed being inside our beautiful church, for the first time this year, and are looking forward to going back to church again soon. 

The children have been developing their ball skills in PE today. We were trying to show good control over the ball by balancing it, throwing it and bouncing it. 


The children enjoyed taking part in their first dance lesson with our specialst dance coach from Chorley Sports Partnership. We are learning a routine to the theme tune from Toy Story to link in with our topic of Childhood. 


In this week's RE lesson on the topic of Harvest, we enjoyed trying and comparing the taste of different types of apples. It was fun to turn our tasting activity into a little picnic on the field to make the most of the beautiful autumn weather. We took our Christian Value bear Faith with us on our picnic to remind us to be thankful for the food we have to eat and to show generosity to others by sharing our food. 


In this week's Art lesson, we created our own colour wheels by mixing together paint in the primary colours to create secondary colours. 



It was lovely to welcome the children into their new Year 1 classroom on Monday. Everyone has made a very positive start to the term and they are all starting to settle back into school life again. The children are adapting to the new routines and expectations in Year 1 and I am very proud of all the work they have done so far. 

Well done Year 1!


To launch our topic on Childhood the children visited a museum exhibition in the hall. They enjoyed looking at and handling the different artefacts to find out about childhood items from the past. When we got back into the classroom, the children drew their favourite artefacts from the exhibition.


Our topic this half term for Art is called Mix It! and we have been learning about primary and secondary colours. This afternoon we were exploring how many different secondary colours we can make by mixing paint in the three primary colours.


The children have been proud to talk about their ideas in our Maths activities. They have shown a good understanding about how we can sort objects in groups according to their properties.

We have been using the playtime equipment to have fun and stay active on the playground.

In the classroom, the children are getting used to their new learning environment and quickly settling into their new job roles for the week.


Our first day in Year 1 has been a wonderful day. It has been a pleasure to see the children back in school again. We have shared lots of stories, news and smiles as we have enjoyed catching up after our summer holidays. What a positive start! Well done children!

We are all getting fitter when we complete our 'Mile a Day'. We stretched before we ran and then cooled off to bring our heart rate down. 

11.9.20 Mile a Day

4.9.20 - Our first Daily Mile run....

Welcome back to Year 1

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London's Burning by Willow

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NHS Appreciation Dance

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Year 1 2019-2020

London's Burning by Edie

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London's Burning by Evie

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Preparing for VE day!

Year 1 have been working very hard again this week with their Home Learning tasks. Maths: Children have been building dens for story time and sleepovers which they have measured and designed themselves. This week they have also been using shapes to create their own dinosaurs. English: Lots of cross curricular learning about The Great Fire of London, finding out key facts from an information text. Music/PE: Year 1 have also learnt the song London's Burning and created their own dances.Also a big well done Year 1 for practising all your speed words this week! Keep up the great work!

W/B 27th April

Summer Term w/b 20th April

We enjoyed sharing stories with our friends, family and teachers on World Book Day.

The children looked great in their costumes for World Book Day.

The children enjoyed pretending to be archaeologists and discovering buried dinosaur fossils and artefacts hidden in the sand. They brushed them clean, examined them and discussed what they thought the artefacts could tell them about dinosaurs.

Spring Term 2


Welcome back to school after the half term break. Our topic for this half term is Dinosaur Planet. The attached parent information sheet will give you an overview of what your children will be learning about. I will send home the knowledge organisers for this topic, in the first week back, to give you more detail about the specific content. I have also attached the recommended book list that complements the topic. We will have access to some of the texts on the lists in the classroom but if you happen to have any of the books at home your child may want to bring them into school to share with their peers.

The work we do through our topic this half term will be collected together ready to create our own dinosaur museum! We will be very excited to share this with you at our next parent/carer celebration session towards the end of term.

We will continue to have PE lessons on a Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon so please ensure your child's PE kit is in school for those days. If you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to come and speak to me. I look forward to seeing you and all the children on Monday. 

Mrs J. Chidgey

The children created some fantastic superhero sculptures during their art lessons with Mr Kneale who is a specialist art teacher.

The children enjoyed making superhero fruit kebabs, following the design they created at the start of the week.

The children enjoyed being superheroes this afternoon and following the clues left by Professor Slime to recover all the naughty instructions he left for the children around the school. Good work superheroes!

Real Life Heroes 

As part of our topic on Superheroes, we have been thinking about real life heroes, who help to keep us safe every day, without wearing a cape and a mask. We have identified the types of jobs people do in our community, that save people's lives and prevent us from being in danger, such as firefighters, soldiers, doctors, paramedics etc. Today two of our parents came into school to tell us about the jobs they do and how they keep people safe everyday. Mrs Trimble is a detective in the police force and spoke about how she helps to catch criminals and help people who may be lost or may have had an accident. Mrs Potter is a neonatal nurse in a local hospital and spoke about how she helps little babies if they are poorly when they are born or are born too early. The children enjoyed the chance to try on some police uniform and look at some of the equipment they use and practise feeding a baby through a feeding tube and changing it's nappy. 

The children enjoyed making a model of the superhero they designed using Plasticine.

In PE the children took part in a cheerleading taster session led by Chorley School Sports Partnership.

The children enjoyed creating their own superhero characters, designing their own capes and using their superpowers to find all the superheroes hiding in our superhero hunt.

Welcome back

Spring Term 1

Welcome back to school after the Christmas holidays. I hope you and your children had a fabulous time over the last two weeks. I am very excited to be back at school and to start 2020 with an exciting Superheroes topic to capture the imaginations of the children. I have attached the parent information sheet for you, to give you an overview of what your children will be learning about through this topic, and I will send home the knowledge organisers that go with it to give you more detail. I have also attached the recommended book list that complements the topic. We will have access to some of the texts on the lists in the classroom but if you happen to have any of the books at home your child may want to bring them into school to share with their peers. We will be making links to heroes in our communities through our topic and I would like to invite any parents who work in our public services such as nursing, policing or firefighting to come into school to talk to the children about what your job involves and how you help people every day. If you would be interested in coming into school,  please let us know. If you have any questions of queries please do not hesitate to come and speak to me. I look forward to seeing you and all the children on Tuesday. 

Mrs J. Chidgey

The children learned lots of interesting facts during their session with the birds that came to visit school.

The children had a fabulous time inside the space dome, learning about travelling in space and the first moon landings. It was the perfect introduction to our 'Moon Zoom' topic.

The children enjoyed investigating the crashed alien spaceship that appeared on our school field.

The children were captivated by the performance from the Pearl of Africa choir.

Welcome back to our new half term.

Welcome back to school for the second half of our autumn term. I hope you all enjoyed your half term break. 

This half term our creative curriculum topic will be 'Moon Zoom'. During the work we do on this topic we will be looking at the properties of everyday materials in science, the lives of significant individuals and changes that have occurred within our lifetimes in history and using basic geographical vocabulary to identify features on Earth from satellite images. The children will gain an insight into what life would be like on the moon and living inside a space craft through the presentation being delivered inside the science dome to start off our topic. We will then continue to capture the children's imaginations and creativity by exploring a crashed alien space craft site and in our space craft role play area inside the classroom.

We will also be learning about the story of creation in our Religious Education lessons and making use of lots of creative writing opportunities linked to our Moon Zoom theme. In maths we will be covering the main topics of sequencing and sorting, fractions, capacity, money and time. We will continue to have PE lessons on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons. 

I am looking forward to another successful half term with the children where we can enjoy our learning through lots of hands on a creative activities. 

Kind regards, 

Mrs J. Chidgey

To celebrate the end of our 'Enchanted Woodland' topic we had a picnic with Mr Fox. The children wore the woodland animal masks they had made and we read our favourite woodland stories.

We looked at how Jewish people celebrate harvest time during their festival of Sukkot. We shared some fruit with our friends in our own Sukkah shelter.

Friday 11th October Homework

Friday 4th October Homework

The children enjoyed making woodland crowns by following a set of instructions.

Homework Friday 27.9.19

We wrote questions to ask Mr Fox and then he visited us in our classroom.

The children led a presentation about harvest in Church.

Homework Friday 20.9.19

Homework Friday 13.9.19

We had fun creating crayon rubbings of the tree trunks in the school grounds and measuring their circumferences.

The children enjoyed sharing their books from home with their friends on National Read a Book day.

Homework Friday 6.9.19

Welcome Back - September 2019

Welcome back after the summer and welcome to Year 1. I hope you and your children have had a lovely six week break.

The children have made a super start to Year 1 this week and are becoming familiar with the rules, routines and expectations of their new classroom. Our first topic for our creative learning for this year is 'The Enchanted Woodland'. I have attached a summary sheet for the topic to give you an overview of the curriculum content that will be covered by the topic and a copy of the 'Pick and Mix' optional homework ideas that you and your child could choose to complete over the half term. I have also attached a copy of the welcome letter which will give you some information about the timetable and expectations for the Year. 

I am looking forward to a great year with the children in /year 1 full of fun, smiles and learning. If you have any questions or queries throughout the year then please contact me and I will be happy to help. 


Mrs J. Chidgey

Year 1 2018-2019

The children have enjoyed practising our dance for the upcoming dance festival.

The children enjoyed their All Stars cricket taster session this afternoon.

The children spoke to the whole school about St George during our Tuesday morning worship in Church.

The children explored the Easter story through the stations of the cross which led by the children in Year 6 in Church.

We went on a Spring Walk to look for signs of new life growing in our school grounds.

We programmed the Beebots to travel round the London Landmarks on the map.

Celebrating World Book Day 7th March

We made water jars like those at the wedding at Cana

Year 1 Trip to Blackpool Zoo

The children enjoyed creating a 'sockasaurus' puppet to be an exhibit in our dinosaur museum.

The children made their own fossils to be exhibits in our dinosaur museum.