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Year 5

WOW! What a fantastic week to kick start the new year! 


Year 5 children have been riding virtual rollercoasters, creating a new classroom worship area and writing setting descriptions that would blow your socks off!


As ever, new spellings are available on Spelling City and we will have our next weekly quiz on Friday 18th January.


Our next times tables quiz will be on the same day and will consist of 20 mixed questions.


Have a relaxing weekend!


Mr Findlow

Pick 'n' Mix - Spring 1 - Scream Machine

Spelling City - The 'How To...' Guide

Knowsley Safari Park...


We had a fantastic day at the Safari Park and for some of us, it was a whole new experience. We initially had 'free time', so we went and looked at the animals in enclosures - giraffes, bats, meerkats, Hogs and birds of prey.  Next we got back on our coach in order to see the animals in the safari park. We had a tour guide, who was called Ben. He told us lots of interesting facts about all the different species. After the hot journey around, we had lunch sat on the grass, under a tree. At 1:30 we watched the sealion show with a World Cup theme! Arthur and Roger were very clever and even more cheeky! Finally we moved on to our classroom talk about growing. Again, the teacher taught us lots of different facts. We even saw a milk snake up close! Please look at the pictures below...

Spellings: 29.06.18 – Year 5 and 6 word list

  1. aggressive
  2. bruise
  3. conscience
  4. conscious
  5. dictionary
  6. embarrass
  7. familiar
  8. frequently
  9. hindrance
  10. immediate
  11. language
  12. marvellous
  13. necessary
  14. parliament
  15. rhyme
  16. soldier
  17. stomach
  18. twelfth
Sports Day 2018 was HOT HOT HOT! We all had a brilliant afternoon out on the field, good sportsmanship and encouragement was shown by all the children. Take a look at the pictures below :) 

Welcome back after a lovely half term break. This half term we are covering Ancient Greece and Myths, along with carrying on our science topic of life cycles and growing. 

Here are some pictures of our fantastic day at the Anderton Centre. The activities we carried out were: tree climbing, crate stack, the wall of trust and canoeing.

Spellings: 17.5.18


Words with the sound i but are ie after c

Words with silent letters


1. decieve

2. recieve

3. ceiling

4. reciept

5. deciet

6. knight

7. psalm

8. solemn

9. write

10. honest


Find 5 more words with each spelling rule and find the definitions. 



During D&T we have made our own vehicles. 


Focus: To make a fast car.


We have used our understanding of forces in order to make the fastest car. Now we need to electrify the cars using a circuit and then we can test them! Watch this space!!

Spellings: 19.04.18

Add the suffix -ate to the words given.


1. pollen

2. medicine

3. captive

4. liquid

5. motive

6. aggro

7. hydro

8. granule

9. oxygen

10. illumine 


Now find 5 more words that end in -ate.

Find the definition to the words ending in -ate.

Yesterday we visited church and Fr Eddie. We took a trip through Holy Week by visiting different stations in church.
We have been learning about different forces. Please look at the images below and see if you can decide which force we were looking at... The investigations we carried out were a lot of fun! 


Still image for this video

Spellings: 23.03.18



2. no


4. right

5. flower

6. sweet

7. check

8. guessed

9. waist

10. muscle


Find the words which sound the same but have a different meanings.

Then find 5 more sets. 

We had a brilliant day learning a 'play in a day'. The play learned was all about climate change which is in preparation for our summer term topic. The children learned lots of new vocabulary and began to understand how to look after our world. 

Year 5 have enjoyed World Book Day 2018. Each and every child who has dressed up looks brilliant! They have carried out book talk with their tables and friends, read aloud to their friends with tone and intonation, written a character description and taken part in whole school reading. 

CONGRATULATIONS to Nathan Garlick on winning best costume in Year 5, voted for by his peers. 

Take a look at the pictures below. There are more on Faceboook.

Spellings: 01.03.18

What would the stem word be to these words? Create an adjective by adding the suffix:

-cial or -tial

1. Office

2. Sequence

3. Benefit

4. Substance

5. Providence

6. Society

7. Influence

8. Prejudice

9. Face

10. Residence

11. Sacrifice

12. Initiate

13. Justice

14. Influence

15. Confidence


Next Week:

Maths: Multiplication and Division

English: Reading phase for Novel as a theme


Year 5 had a brilliant day making their space themed cakes. They made the base of the cake in groups and then decorated them using their designs. Please take a look at the pictures below. I'm sure you will agree, they are fantastic!

Spellings - 22.02.18


1. community

2. curiosity

3. ability

4. activity 

5. sensitivity

6. possibility

7. captivity

8. flexibility

9. visibility

10. eternity 


To earn house points:

4 HP - 10 more spellings

7 HP - 10 spellings and their definition

10 HP - 10 spellings and definitions for all 20

Please take a minute to look at Year 5's Abstract Art afternoon. We have been building on our skills and techniques to create different effects. From this we have designed and made our own abstract art piece. We had lots of fun!

Spellings - 1.2.18


prefix - trans


1. transfer

2. transatlantic

3. transcript

4. transformation


6. transfusion

7. transition

8. translation

9. transmission

10. transportation

Spellings - 25.1.18


1. telephone

2. telescope


4. telecommunications

5. television

6. telepathic

7. telegraph

8. teleological

9. telekinesis

10. teleporter


Please find 10 more spellings that begin with the prefix -tele. 

As an extra challenge, find the definitions for each spelling.

Spellings - 12/1/18


Rule - Prefix - auto

1. autograph

2. automobile

3. autonomy

4. autobiography

5. automatic

6. autopilot

7. automotive

8. automation

9. automated

10. automaton

Welcome back after the lovely long Christmas break. I hope everyone has recharged their batteries ready for the term ahead. Please can I say a big thank you for the gifts received at Christmas. They were very generous.

This half term our topic is related to space - most learning will be linked to this.


Thank you for your continued support


Mrs Sanderson

Spellings: 7/12/17 (last lot before Christmas)

Homophones & near homophones

1. past

2. passed

3. proceed

4. precede

5. aisle

6. isle

7. aloud

8. allowed

9. affect

10. effect


1. Find the definition for each of your spellings. 

2. Find 10 more homophones and near homophones.

Anglo- Saxon Day!


Year 5 had a brilliant day creating shields, swords, helmets and brooches. We learned lots of new interesting facts about artefacts found from Anglo-Saxon times. Some of us we allowed to wear and hold different weaponry. Take a look at the pictures below. 

We have been busy making our wire sculptures. We have all used different techniques and had different  ideas about heroes. Please take a look at the images. We have had lots of fun!!

Spellings - 23.11.17


Rule: short vowel sound - i spelt y.


1. symbol

2. mystery

3. lyrics

4. oxygen

5. symptom 

6. physical

7. system

8. typical

9. crystal

10. rhythm


Please find 10 more spellings with a definition using the same rule. 


Magistrates: 16.11.17


We had an exciting afternoon learning about magistrates, their job and what happens in court. I'm sure your child will be able to tell you all about it!

Here are this week spellings: 16.11.17

Rule: ious or tious


1. ambitious

2. cautious

3. fictitious

4. infectious

5. nutritious

6. contentious

7. superstitious 

8. pretentiouis

9. anxious

10. obnoxious


Please find 10 more mixed spellings using these rules. You can also find the definitions. 

Welcome back after the half term. I hope you had a lovely week off. 


Here are this weeks spellings: 09.11.17

Please research 10 more spellings using the same rule - cious

1. vicious

2. gracious

3. spacious

4. malicious

5. precious

6. conscious

7. delicious

8. suspicious

9. atrocious

10. ferocious

Spellings - 19.10.17


1. attached

2. cemetery

3. conscious

4. criticise

5. exaggerate

6. foreign

7. mischievous

8. nuisance

9. parliament

10. prejudice

11. queue

12. restaurant

13. secretary

14. sincere

15. temperature 

Spellings - 13.10.17

1. appreciate

2. committee

3. controversy

4. dictionary

5. environment

6. existence

7. frequently

8. hindrance

9. interfere

10. muscle

11. occupy

12. profession

13. pronunciation

14. rhythm

15. signature

Spellings 5.10.17


1. accompany

2. aggressive

3. apparent

4. awkward

5. category

6. conscience

7. determined

8. embarrass

9. equipped

10. familiar

11. guarantee

12. language

13. marvellous

14. neighbour

15. opportunity

Spellings -  14.9.17


1. according

2. average

3. communicate

4. desperate

5. especially

6. harass

7. individual

8. persuade

9. recognise

10. suggest

I am very sorry, but the spellings would not upload as a document.

They will be tested on Thursday 14th September. 


  1. ancient

  2. achieve

  3. bargain

  4. community

  5. develop

  6. excellent

  7. forty

  8. identity

  9. leisure

  10. occur


Autumn Term - 'Legend has it'


I hope everyone has had a fabulous summer and you are all feeling refreshed ready for the busy and exciting year ahead. 

Our class novel this half term is Beowulf by Michael Morpurgo. Our English, Geography, History and Art work will be based creatively around this novel learning all about legends, Anglo - Saxons and Scots. 


Year 5 routines:

Monday and Tuesday - PE

Wednesday - Reading and library book changing day

Thursday - Spelling and times table test

Spellings will continue to be loaded each week on here. 


Please continue to keep an eye on our class page for new information and images of our exciting educational journey through Year 5 smiley


Thank you for your continued support


Mrs Sanderson, Mrs Clark and Mrs Robert