Year 1 2023 - 2024

Miss Collier

Mrs Sanderson

Welcome to Year 1

This term our topic is 'Childhood'.

This project teaches children about everyday life and families today, including comparisons with childhood in the 1950s, using artefacts and a range of different sources.

We will also be learning about:

Science: Everyday Materials, the children will learn that objects are made from materials. They will identfy a range of everyday materials and their sources. We will investgate the properties of materials and begin to recgnise that material's properties define its use. In Autumn 2 we look at Human Senses, we learn that humans are a type of animal known asa mammal. The children will name and count body parts and identify similarities and difference.They learn about the senses, the body parts associated with each sense and their role in keeping us safe.

RE: In the new unit Harvest children will develop an understanding that Harvest festivals are a tradition celebration to give thanks to God, increase awareness that the food we eat is harvested and distributed all around the world. We look at what Christians should do if other need help and we explore the Jewish festival of Sukkot. In the second unit Creation, it gives children the opportunity to understand God, have the opportunity to reflect on feelings in relation to the natural world. We will also explore what people of Muslim and Hindu faith believe about how the world was created.

Geography: Through our Childhood topic we will be focusing on settlements and changes over time. In our second topic Our Wonderful World we will be looking in detail at human and physical features, picture maps and compass points. We will also be looking at equators and hemispheres, continents, oceans, countries and capitcal cities.

History: In our Childhood topic we will be looking at historical vocabulary and artefacts, timelines and everyday lifeand childhood in the 1950s. The children will be looking at some significant events such as the Queen's coronation.

Art: children learn about the primary colours and how we mix them together to create secondary colours through our topic Mix it.

Design Technology: Shelter teaches the children about the purpose of shelters and their materials. They name and describe shelters and design and make shelter prototypes. Children then design and build a play den as a group and evaluate their completed product.

PSHE: Our first topic is called Me and my relationships, were the children will learn how they are special, the people around them who are special and how to manage their feelings. Our second topic will be Valuing difference. We will look at how families can be the same or different and how to be a caring friend. 

PE: Our first topic is Rolling ball, before we move onto Dance and Gymnastics.


Music: The children will look at on Old-school hip hop song by Joanna Mangona. Looking at the difference between pulse, rhythm and pitch in our topic Hey you!

Computing: we will looking at Online safety and how we can keep ouselves and others safe online. Grouping and sorting and Pictograms. 

For more information on our curriculum, please see the curriculum tab on our homepage.

Pick and Mix

Your child will bring home their Pick and Mix linked to their topic. Pick and Mix projects are suggested activities that help to inspire children beyond the classroom. Each activity provides an opportunity for children to explore their topic further using a number of different skills. When children have finished a project, they can bring this into school where each class will have a designated time to celebrate the learning that has taken place. Projects can stay in school and be displayed on each class’s working wall or can be taken home.

If you have any questions about how to further support your child's learning at home, please contact your child's class teacher via Class Dojo or the school office. 

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