Year 4 2023 - 2024

Mr Nolan

Mrs Sanderson

Welcome to Year 4

AutumnTerm 2023

This term our topic is 'INVASION'

This project teaches children about life in Britain after the Roman withdrawal. Children will learn about Anglo-Saxon and Viking invasions up to the Norman conquest.

Science: Food and the Digestive System

This project teaches children about the human digestive system. They explore the main parts, starting with the mouth and teeth, identifying teeth types and their functions. They link this learning to animals' diets and construct food chains to show the flow of energy.

RE:  David and the Psalms

 The aim of this unit is for the children:

  • to explore the Story of David and his strengths and qualities. 
  • to read the Psalms and use them to discover more about the nature of God.
  • to identify the values that the pupils consider to be particularly important.

Art: Contrast and Complement

This project teaches children about colour theory by studying the colour wheel and colour mixing. It includes an exploration of tertiary colours, warm and cool colours, complementary colours and analogous colours, and how artists use colour in their artwork.

DT: Fresh Food Good Food

This project teaches children about food decay and preservation. They discover key inventions in food preservation and packaging, then make examples. The children prepare, package and evaluate a healthy snack.

PSHE: Me and My Relationships

Children will:

* Describe 'good' and 'not so good' feelings and how feelings can affect our physical state.
* Explain how different words can express the intensity of feelings.
* Explain what we mean by a ‘positive, healthy relationship.
* Recognise that there are times when they might need to say 'no' to a friend; 

Practical steps the children can take in a range of different contexts to improve or support respectful relationships.

P.E.: Gymnastics and Athletics (Chorley Schools Sports Partnership Autumn 1)

Computing: Online Saftey.

Our Computing Scheme of work aims:

  • To understand how children can protect themselves from online identity theft.
    • To understand that information put online leaves a digital footprint or trail and that this can aid identity theft.
  •  To identify the positive and negative influences of technology on health and the environment.
    • To understand the importance of balancing game and screen time with other parts of their lives.

MFL: Les Animaux

Children will be able to:

  • identify animals and pets.
  • Recognise and use numbers 11-20.
  • Give someone’s name.
  • Describe someone.

For more information on our curriculum, please see the curriculum tab on our homepage.


Pick and Mix

Your child will bring home their Pick and Mix linked to their topic. Pick and Mix projects are suggested activities that help to inspire children beyond the classroom. Each activity provides an opportunity for children to explore their topic further using a number of different skills. When children have finished a project, they can bring this into school where each class will have a designated time to celebrate the learning that has taken place. Projects can stay in school and be displayed on each class’s working wall or can be taken home.

If you have any questions about how to further support your child's learning at home, please contact your child's class teacher via Class Dojo or the school office. 


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