Year 5 British Science Week

Lesson: Science

Class: Year 5 Year: 2022 - 2023

Today has been all things Science in Year 5! We started Bristish Science Week 2023 describing a scientist. Many of us described a male with fuzzy hair, wearing a lab coat and glasses. However some of us desribed a female and mamny of us made links to the types of jobs Science links to. 

We then moved on to reaserach influential scientists. We had the choice of three - Sir David Attenborough, Jane Goodall and Greta Thunberg. We compared these people to our descriptions, thinking about breaking down stereotypes and linking these to our 9 protected characteristics focusing on sex and age. 

We have also had a live lesson from the BBC. This linked to forces so we used this lesson as a short opportunity to review our learning. We were impressed with ourselves as we made many connections we have already learnt.

Next we carried out an activity linked to our topic - Sow, Grow and Farm. The activity was to understand the process from field to fork: growing, harvesting, shopping, preparing, cooking and eating. We researched a vegetable of our choice, helping us to understand this process. We also looked at the vegetables origin and where it is now grown. 

Finally to round off our day we watched a video clip from a sister of a child in our class who is in the RAF. She told us about her profession and what she did. This was very insightful and exciting. 

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