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PSHE - 18.11.22, by Mrs Chidgey

Date: 22nd Nov 2022 @ 6:15am

To finish off the work we have done for anti-bullying week, we recapped what our whole school definition of bullying is. We then looked at the theme of 'Reach Out ' which is the focus of the week for 2022. We identified adults in our lives that we can reach out to if we feel worried or bullied at any point. To finish our work, we looked at ways we could reach out to others who may be experiencing bullying in school to stop them feeling isolated and unhappy.

RE - 15.11.22, by Mrs Chidgey

Date: 22nd Nov 2022 @ 6:12am

In RE this week, we used the experience of Wangari Maathai to drive our lesson, which focused on how people are spoiling God's creation. We learned about the actions Wangari took to help stop God's creation being spoiled, by studying the story Wangari's Trees of Peace. We then created a poster to show other simple things we can do to help look after God's creation in our daily lives.

Maths 11.11.22, by Mrs Chidgey

Date: 15th Nov 2022 @ 6:30am

After playing find the missing number game with our friends in Thursday's maths lesson, we then used the part, part whole templates to find the missing part of our number sentences. We enjoyed being maths detectives this week. 

RE - 8.11.22, by Mrs Chidgey

Date: 13th Nov 2022 @ 10:33pm

This week in our RE lesson we listened to a song called 'Weird and Wonderful' by Fischy Music. The song's lyrics share some weird and wonderful facts about some of the animals that live in God's creation. The children had to listen to all the facts highlighted in the song, then choose which animal fact they found the most interesting, draw a picture of it and write down what the unusual fact is. The children were fascinated to discover dolphins sleep with one eye open, polar bears are all left-handed and kangaroos can't walk backwards. It left the children with a sense of awe and wonder about the animals in our world. 

Maths 4.11.22, by Mrs Chidgey

Date: 5th Nov 2022 @ 3:10pm

In maths this week, the children have been learning how to work systematically to find all the number bonds of any number. We have used tens frames to support us in our work and looked for patterns in the calculations that were created to then help us find missing numbers. We then applied the strategies we learned to solve a number of different problems and open-ended challenges. 

RE - 1.11.22, by Mrs Chidgey

Date: 5th Nov 2022 @ 2:30pm

To start our new unit of work on God and Creation in RE, the children were all given the chance to enjoy being creative. Christians believe that God created us all to be creative in the same way He was when he created the world. The children were able to choose what media or materials to use and what they wanted to create.  They then had to reflect on how it felt to be creative, how they felt about sharing their creations with others and how they might feel if someone was to spoil their creation. It was lovely to see the children enjoying their learning so much.

Computing 21.10.22, by Mrs Chidgey

Date: 29th Oct 2022 @ 7:20pm

The children are becoming more confident in their computing lessons now. They are able to login more independently and navigate their way around Purple Mash with more confidence. During our last lesson, the children created simple pictograms to show their peers' favourite colours using 2Count and composed a simple piece of music using 2Explore. They were able to save their work in the Year 1 folder and open it again to make some final changes. 

Maths 21.10.22, by Mrs Chidgey

Date: 29th Oct 2022 @ 5:56pm

This week in maths, the children have worked hard to understand the relationships between the different parts of addition calculations. They have used this knowledge to create addition fact families for a given set of 3 numbers. Once they were secure with the idea of fact families and how they work, they applied their knowledge to work out missing numbers and break the codes to find the numbers needed for a given answer. We finished the week by creating number sentences for 'first, then and now' number stories. We then had to think of our 'first, then and now' number stories to go with given calculations. 

Poetry Collaboration - 14.9.22, by Mrs Chidgey

Date: 18th Oct 2022 @ 6:35am

On Friday afternoon, the children enjoyed watching Paul Cookson perform some of his newest poetry around the theme of brothers and sisters. We then completed his follow up workshop to generate our own ideas to use in a poem on the same theme of brothers and sisters. The children enjoyed working in collaboration with some of the children from Years 3 and 4 and came up with some fabulous ideas for us to use.

Maths - 12.9.22, by Mrs Chidgey

Date: 18th Oct 2022 @ 6:34am

In Maths, the children were introduced to part whole models. These are used to help the children break whole numbers down into different parts that will then add together to make the whole. The children used counters to help them to explore the composition of different numbers within 10.

Science - 11.9.22, by Mrs Chidgey

Date: 18th Oct 2022 @ 6:32am

Last week, the children did some super writing in our history lesson about life in the 1950's. It was lovely to see them working so hard to write sentences about what they had learned

Number lines - 6.10.22, by Mrs Chidgey

Date: 9th Oct 2022 @ 11:45am

In Maths this week, we have been using number lines for the first time. We have been exploring how the number lines work and how we can use them correctly. To become more familiar with the structure of number lines, we have been filling in the missing numbers and jumping along the numbers to get from one given number to another.

PE team building - 3.10.22, by Mrs Chidgey

Date: 9th Oct 2022 @ 11:35am

The children enjoyed using their teamwork skills to complete different activities during our team building PE session. 

Maths 29.22, by Mrs Chidgey

Date: 1st Oct 2022 @ 2:13pm

In Maths, we used the art straws and Multilink cubes to physically see if one number is more than, less than or equal to another number. We explained what we could see by using the correct mathematical language.

Number Sense 28.9.22, by Mrs Chidgey

Date: 1st Oct 2022 @ 2:09pm

In Number Sense this week, we have been consolidating our understanding of counting up and back and 1 more and 1 less by creating staircases up to 5 using the multilink cubes.

Reading 28.9.22, by Mrs Chidgey

Date: 1st Oct 2022 @ 1:57pm

The children are working hard to become more confident readers. They help their partners to read unfamiliar words and answer questions about the stories they read in our daily Read Write Inc. sessions.

Writing in RWI 22.9.22, by Mrs Chidgey

Date: 27th Sep 2022 @ 5:38pm

In RWI this week, we have been writing sentences explaining how we can keep safe in a given situation. We wrote about what could happen if we weren't careful in each scenario too. 

1 less 22.9.22, by Mrs Chidgey

Date: 27th Sep 2022 @ 5:36pm

We have been using the practical resources from our 'Choose to Use' area in maths to help us to find 1 less than a given number within ten. We understand that when we find one less than a number we take one item away from group of objects and look the the number on the left of our given number on the number tack. 

Writing in role. 16.9.22, by Mrs Chidgey

Date: 27th Sep 2022 @ 5:22pm

In RWI we have been writing letters in the role of the character from our story using the first person. 

Maths counting, by Mrs Chidgey

Date: 27th Sep 2022 @ 5:19pm

We have been using tens frames to represent the numbers up to ten and matching the correct number card to the amount of counters shown.

Creating 2D shapes, by Mrs Chidgey

Date: 27th Sep 2022 @ 5:14pm

The children have been creating 2D shapes to accurately show their specific properties. 

Childhood Museum, by Mrs Chidgey

Date: 10th Sep 2022 @ 5:56am

To launch our new Cornerstones unit, I created an exhibition of childhood artefacts for the children to explore and examine. Some artefacts are from today and some were typical examples from the 1950s. We looked at the exhibition, handled the artefacts and made careful observations about them that helped us to decide if each object was a new or old childhood artefact. We had some super discussions and great explanations about their ideas. 

Maths, by Mrs Chidgey

Date: 10th Sep 2022 @ 5:49am

In maths, we enjoyed exploring the Numicon pieces. We looked at different shapes, patterns and pictures we could make. We discovered we could make different numbers by fitting some of the pieces together. We sorting them into groups using our knowledge of the properties of shapes and we finished by creating our Numicon staircase and taing number one on a little walk. 

Computing, by Mrs Chidgey

Date: 10th Sep 2022 @ 5:45am

The children were all very excited to have their first computing lesson using the iPads. We practised logging onto Purple Mash and talked about how important it is to keep our passwords a secret to protect all our work. 

Art, by Mrs Chidgey

Date: 10th Sep 2022 @ 5:43am

We had a lovely start to our art topic and enjoyed exploring what colours can be made using only the three primary colours. 

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